Weekly Bible Verse:
" Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey,
on a colt, the foal of a donkey. " (Zechariah 9:9b ESV)
"看哪,你的王來到你這裡!他是公義的,並且施行拯救,謙謙和和地騎著驢,就是騎著驢的駒子。" (撒迦利亞 9:9下)


Announcements – December 3, 2017 報 告

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1. New Life Christmas 2017 Schedule! Mark your calendars, invite your relatives & friends! 新生命堂 2017 年聖誕節時間表!請記在日曆上及邀請你的親友。  – Christmas Program & Dinner 聖誕晚會與聚餐 Saturday, Dec. 16 th at 5pm.  – New Life Christmas Worship 聖誕崇拜(with Baptisms & Confirmations) – Christmas Eve, Sunday, Dec. 24 th at 9am  – Christmas Caroling to the Shut-Ins, Dec. 24 th at 2pm  New Year’s Eve Potluck Dinner & 2018 Welcome!...

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Announcements – October 29, 2017 報 告

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1. Happy 500th Reformation Anniversary! New Life & Shepherd of the Hills will continue to celebrate Reformation Sunday immediately after today’s worship service. We will have a luncheon and the showing of the movie recently in movie theaters: Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World! Please come join us in the Fellowship Hall downstairs! Everyone...

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Announcements – October 1, 2017 報 告

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1. Thank You For Praying For Pastor Chip’s Whole Family! God truly answered by making good come from a sad happening, by uniting his family even closer in God, uniting a whole community including schools, and allowing our Gospel of Jesus Christ’s salvation to be clearly shared! May God bless each one of you for praying to...

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Announcements – September 17, 2017 報 告

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1. Please Remember The Election For MMC Officers And Directors will take place at 12pm on October 1 st at our New Life Congregational Meeting. Any communicant member of this congregation who is 18 years of age or over is eligible to vote. 請緊記選舉職員與主任將會在十月一日中午十二時的新生命堂堂會會議舉行。任何在本堂領聖餐,並十八歲或以上的教友都有資格投票。 2. Sign Up Today To Help Operation Christmas Child 2017! Please begin collecting shoeboxes! New Life will prepare Christmas...

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Announcements – July 30, 2017 報 告

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1. Let’s Support Deacon Wayne Kerr’s Ordination & Installation On August 13 th At 3:00PM! West Portal Lutheran Church & School especially invite New Lifers to attend the ordination & installation of their Minister of Music & Deacon, J. Wayne Kerr to be their Associate Pastor. The Rev. Derek Mathers, Special Assistant to our English District Bishop Jamison Hardy, will conduct this special rite. 讓我們來支持 Wayne Kerr...

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Announcements – July 2, 2017 報 告

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1. Happy 4 th Of July! May God bless your family’s celebration and thanksgiving to Him for all the blessings He has given to us through His gift of good government. Take time as a family to return thanks to Him, and ask Him to bless our President and Congress and Courts, that they may be guided and empowered by Him to give our USA God pleasing...

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Announcements – May 28, 2017 報 告

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1. Youth Confirmation Begins On Friday, June 16th At 8PM! Immediately following our Praise Band time on Friday Nights, we will start our Youth Confirmation. If you are about 12 years old, and are interested in attending, please let Pastor Chip know. Susan Yee will take over teaching our Friday night Pre-Confirmation Class. 少年堅振禮班由六月十六日星期五晚上八時開始 ! 我們會在星期五晚的讚美樂隊後 , 開始少年堅振禮班 。 如果你大約十二並有興趣參加 , 請通知牧師。Susan Yee...

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Announcements – April 30, 2017 報 告

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1. Mother’s Day Celebration Is On Sunday, May 14th! Martin Luther said: “The wise men of old were right when they said, ‘God, parents, and teachers can never be sufficiently thanked and repaid.’” Begin praying now for 1 mother or motherly relative or friend (& their family) to invite to our Mother’s Day Celebration. What better way could you say, “Thank you!’ than by introducing them to their Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ!...

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Announcements – April 16, 2017 報 告

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1. Happy Easter! It’s so good to have you with us today, as together we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. We welcome everyone to come downstairs immediately after worship to our Easter Egg Hunt for all the children, Piñata, and the Easter Luncheon for everyone! 2. Congratulations To Our Newest New Life Members! By Baptism: Benson Mei, Irene Mei By Reception Into Communicant Membership: Irene Mei Praise God for this new brother in Christ & this new sister in Christ. Make sure to personally congratulate them and welcome them into...

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Announements – March 26, 2017 報 告

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1. Thank You New Life President Ed Yee For Sharing The 11:45AM Worship Sermon! Pastor Chip, due to his position as the English District San Francisco Circuit Visitor and his involvement in the West Portal Call Committee, is today attending the West Portal Congregational Meeting. Please sincerely ask that God will choose His choice of the right pastor to be their new shepherd! 多謝新生命堂主席 Ed Yee...

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